incurvula flower

Hoya incurvula

species incurvula
author Schltr.
published in BEIFHEFTE ZUM BOTANISCHEN CENTRALBLATT Vol. 34(2) Abt. B, p. 14 (1916) "Neue Asclepiadceen von Sumatra und Celebes,"
translation from Latin published in The Hoyan, Vol. 12 (1990): 20 (reprinted below)


(German part by Ken Harold)

Epiphytic or terrestial, twining on branches; branches filiform, flexuous. loosely leafed; leaves outspread, petiolate, obovate-elliptic, obtuse, fleshy, glabrous, margins beneath somewhat thickened, 2.5 to 4 cm long, above the middle 1.2 to 2 cm broad; petiole fleshy, thick, 3 to 5 mm long; cymes umbellate, many flowered on 3 to 4 cm long peduncles bearing 5 to 12 mm long, filiform, glabrous pedicels; calyx lobes ovate, acute, glabrous, sparcely warty on the outside 1.5 mm long; corolla recurved, with apexes rolled up, when flattened out 7 mm in diameter, deeply 5-parted, outside glabrous, lobes ovate acute, inside (apexes excepted) densely papillose with back-turned part concealed; corona scales decurved, oblong, above oval, apiculate, lobes beneath scaly lingulate, apexes (i.e. back) incurved, lobes longitudinally almost 2 times longer; anthers distinctly rising above inner apexes; pollina obliquely oblong, translators very small, retinaculum minute, narrowly rhomboid. Sulawesi (Celebes) On trees in the forests at the foot of Lokon Minahassa), about 800 meters above sea level (R. Schlechter #20451 [type] - flowering in November 1909) On trees in the forest at the foot of Gunon Kaweng, about 800 meters above sea level (Minahassa) (R. Schlechter #20600 - flowering in December 1909). Related to H. halophila Schltr. And H. intermedia Schltr. Recognizable among the other species of Section Otostemma by the appendages of the corona scales bent inwards at the tips.

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